Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sound Fusioin

Buying a new home theater system is a definitely a big decision and with an abundance of choices out there, how do you decide which one is the right one for you ?

At Sound Fusion, we can provide the information you need in finding the most suitable HT set according to your available budget.
We believed that an expensive HT doesn't always beat a cheaper one. The correct formula is how to match the speaker with the amplifiers or receivers.

We carry acoustical brand of exceptional qualities such as JBL, Harmon Kardon, Denon / Marantz, Infinity, MS and many more. Besides speakers and receivers, we have a wide selection of quality cabling solution (QED, VDH) plus acoustical treament foam such as diffuser and absorbers by Auralex.

You are invited to come to our shop very own demonstration room to try out the equipment hands on .. or ears-on to get the feel of the receivers paired with the desired speakers.

Unsure how to build that dream home theater at home ? Allow us to plan it for you. Even a good HT won't sound the way it should without proper placement and room treatment.

Visit us today at the map below.