Friday, November 14, 2008

Koss Cobalt Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Wireless, behind-the-head collapsible headphones.

Koss Cobalt Wireless Bluetooth Stereophone
The Koss Cobalt may be just what you are looking for if you want a pair of bluetooth headphones that are collapsible, stay firmly on your head and work with your computer, DVD player, mp3 player and many cell phones.

The Coblalt comes with two separate transmitters, one with a USB for your computer and perhaps a portable DVD player, and the other transmitter is for your iPod, other mp3 player or cell phone.

For use with your phone, these Koss headphones come with an inbuilt microphone.

One nice feature is that these are behind-the-head headphones, so they stay securely in place, whatever you are doing. But they are also collapsible, so you can put them in your pocket or purse.

The Cobalt package includes the headphones, audio transmitter, USB audio dongle, USB charging cable, AC charging adapter, and audio extension cable.

If anything goes wrong, it is covered by the Koss No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty.

The Deal: Get your Koss Cobalt Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from Amazon for $299.99.