Friday, November 14, 2008

Sony Mdr-222KD Children's Headphones – Pink headphones for your little princess.

Sony Mdr-222Kd Children's Headphones

Children often get a raw deal when it comes to headphones, getting hand-downs from older siblings or the no-name headphones that came with their player.

With the Sony Mdr-222KD headphones, you can treat your child to something a little better.

These kid's headphones are small, specifically designed for children's heads, and have a volume-controlling feature that ensures your child's hearing is protected.

You may recognize the basic design from the original Sony Walkman headphones. Their construction is pretty much the same, right down to the not-so-great audio quality.

If your child is a musician in the making, she might complain about the lack of bass these headphones provide. More likely, she'll appreciate the pink finish and the comfortable fit.

As a parent you can relax in the knowledge that whether these are being used with an mp3 player, a DVD player or with a computer or laptop, the volume will never get high enough to damage your child's hearing.

The Deal: Get your Sony Mdr-222KD headphones from Amazon for just $14.99.