Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sony Europe Expands SRS Desktop Speaker Series



Offering a powerful mix of quality and visual appeal, the new Sony SRS Desktop Speaker Series is just perfect for upgrading an existing PC or audio capabilities of a notebook. Incorporating Sony's distinguished audiophile heritage, this new series comprises of four great models.

"Sony has led the way with superb and hugely appealing design for its VAIO notebooks and PCs," said Lynda Lamraoui, European Product Manager for PC Accessories "The SRS speaker range embodies the same spirit: superlative technology wrapped in head-turning design. Whether that means flamboyant colour or perfectly judged restraint, you will find it here."

The new SRS Desktop Speaker Series includes SRS-D25 featuring a unique "hatbox" style sub-woofer. SRS-M50 is the second model of this new series that has been designed for those on move with their MP3 Players and notebooks. Then, there is the slim SRS-Z50 featuring a 38mm Neodymium driver unit. Lastly, there is SRS-Z100, a two-piece active system.