Friday, November 14, 2008

Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones – More secure than earbuds, but not as intrusive as ear-canal headphones.

Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones

With Bose you expect that the sound quality is going to be good. In that regard, the Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones don't disappoint.

The sound is rich, with a broad range and deep on the bass.

But the real difference here is how these headphones fit in your ears. If you are one of the many people who want an earphone fit that is more secure than a regular earbud, but doesn't intrude deep into your ear canal, these are the headphones for you.

The Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones are unusual in that they fit neatly into the opening of your ear canals, without going in too far.

In a way, they offer the best of both worlds – more secure than earbuds and less intrusive than true in-ear headphones.

This also makes the Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones one of the only in-ear headphones that are safe to use when out running or cycling. The fact that they don't fit deep into your ear canals means they have very little in the way of noise-reducing qualities. So you can use them on the street or other public places without having to worry about not being able to hear what's happening around you.

One complaint people had with the first model was that the silicon sleeves kept falling off the earpieces. That problem has now been fixed. (You get three sets of silicon sleeves, S, M and L, so you can use the size that best fits your ears.)

Overall, the sound is great, they are super-comfortable and are well loved by the people who own them.

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