Friday, November 14, 2008

Califone Kids Stereo and PC Headphones – Children's headphones for home and school.

Califone Kids Stereo and PC Headphones Tiger Design

There's nothing fancy about these headphones in the sound department. They are created as much for listening to books and movies as they are for music.

This tiger design is just one of a series, but seems to be the most popular. Califone does offer the same headphones with both a bear and Panda design, if one of those is more to your child's liking.

In addition to their obvious cute appeal, these headphones have some design features that were created with kids in mind.

First, they are sized for child-size heads, they come with a volume control, and have an extra long cord.

Second, they are tough.

The toughness matters because kids have a habit of being a little rougher with their things than we are. It's not deliberate, but stuff happens. Things get dropped or trodden on by mistake.

Anyway, mindful of the punishment kids can inflict on their things, Califone has made these headphones with survival in mind.

In fact, the warranty covers not only home use for a year, but use at school as well. That's different, because school use voids the warranties of most other headphones.

At the end of the day, the real reason to buy these headphones is because your child will love the animal designs.

And why not? They will have plenty of time to worry about bass and audio balance when they get a little older.