Friday, November 14, 2008

Klipsch Image X5 Sound Isolating Earphones – For outstanding audio quality and a comfortable earbud fit.

Klipsch Image X5 earphones

There are a few reasons why you might want to treat yourself to a pair of Klipsch Image X5 Sound Isolating Earphones.

First, the sound is excellent - well balanced and detailed, with a surprisingly strong performance at the bass end. If you have big speakers in your home or car, it's a little counter-intuitive to imagine you can get great sound from earphones this tiny, especially the bass. But you can, and these Klipsch earbuds really deliver.

Also the Klipsch Image X5 are very comfortable. They come with three sizes of sleeves and fit well in even the smallest ear canals. This is good news for a lot of people who do have smaller ear canals and find most in-ear headphones to be very uncomfortable.

And the sound isolating quality is good too. Great for noisy environments, it means you can enjoy your music without having to crank the volume up too high.

As for the price, it's pretty steep. But music lovers are coming to terms with the fact that for the best audio, you usually need to spend more on the headphones than you did on the player itself. Strange, but true.

The Deal: Get your Klipsch Image X5 Sound Isolating Earphones from Amazon for $249.99.