Sunday, November 9, 2008

Does DTS vs DD really something that matters ?

Prior to this .. I'd always mistaken that DTS is actually belong to the same company as Dolby. Well it's not. This is a confession of a first time owner of a DTS/DD capabler AVR, the Harmon Kardon AVR1550. Honestly when playing a DTS and DD DVD movie .. i couldn't tell a difference between the two format. Both having a 5.1 Surround ... although from what is written in the Internet ... DTS is supposely superior due to higher bitrate or whatever that is .. still I couldn't tell a difference.

I'm not really a movie junkies per se, but I am a hardcore PS2 gamer whenever I'm off work. Unfortunately PS2 Pro Logic II, DTS or DD are scarce and even if those games that have it .. it's only during cut scenes. Who dig a cut scenes anyway ? Perhaps if it was full game .. then probably i would have notice the subtle differences.

But I do notice a huge difference in audio fidelity if I'm watching those movies without 5.1 surround. It sounded flat ... so no umpph .. Hence, what they shouldn't compare between DD or DTS ... it should be what AVR and what Speaker combination that counts. =)