Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sony HT-SF2000 5.1-Channel Home Theater Package

Sony HT-SF2000 5.1-Channel Home Theater PackageSony Japan has announced a new 5.1-channel home theater package on November 11th for an unknown price.

The HT-SF2000 system gets an AM/FM radio tuner but no DVD player in this model, you have to buy the DAV-IS10 or DAV-DZ220 package to get the player. The fully digital amplifier "S-Master" incorporates 3x HDMI inputs and 1x analog output, 3x analog inputs and 2x optical digital inputs.

The speakers are supplied by a maximum power of 980W (Front: 143W+143W, Center: 143W, Surround: 143W+143W, Sub woofer 265W). Also the "D.C.A.C" (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration) function will help you out to setup your speakers in your room by an automated process.