Sunday, November 9, 2008

Denon S-302 Home Theater System with HDMI and WiFi

Denon S-302 Home Theater System with HDMI and WiFi

S-302 Denon's home theater is on the way. Denon Japan has announced the S-302 to hit the shelves for the end of the month.

The S-302 is a simple 2.1-channel home theater system with a CD/DVD Player and a built-in FM/AM tuner. It also manages the network functionalities such as listening internet radio, music streaming, JPEG sliding show (Album jacket indication) via an ethernet port or a wireless connection (Wi-Fi). You can hook up an iPod to the S-302 with an optional cable or connect it your MP3 player, storage key or else to the USB port on the facade.

The system supports the playback of WMA, AAC (non-DRM), MP3, WAV and FLAC audio formats. The S-302 read DVDs but unfortunately it doesn't supports DivX and XviD formats, however the HDMI terminal can upscale the video output to 1080p.

The bookshelf speakers are 2-way models fitted in a closed cabinet with 3 speakers, 2x 8cm cone type drivers for the medium and 1x 2cm tweeter, the subwoofer loads a 16cm diameter cone type driver. There is no specification on the output power delivered by the amplifier, we just know its power consumption of 104W (0.3W in stand-by).