Sunday, November 9, 2008

Perfect Wave Transport

PS Audio has decided on a name for its new device due this summer. The PWT or Perfect Wave Transport was sent in by a PS Audio fan and selected personally by Paul McGowan. I have heard a lot about this device lately and its possible features. At the most basic level the PWT is supposed to take music from any storage medium such as CD, DVD, or a hard drive and perfect it for presentation to the DAC. PS Audio currently does not have plans to put a DAC into the first release of the PWT in Summer 2008, but there is talk about a future model with a built-in DAC.
The PWT also appears to reclock the data before sending it out to an external DAC. PS Audio claims the data comes out of the PWT jitter-free, but this may be a little bit of a marketing phrase. Very close to jitter-free is one thing, but 100% jitter-free is something we haven't seen yet. One feature that has been discussed, but not in detail, is the ability to rip music to and read music from an external hard drive. I've heard this will be a NAS drive. Whether or not this needs to be connected to a omputer or just a network will be interesting. Purhaps the most far fetched feature I've heard about is PS Audio creating its own system of retreiving meta data, cover art, song titles etc... PS Audio is not satisfied with GraceNote or AMG, like many audiophiles who don't strictly listen to pop music, so PS may develop its own system. Hmm, I like the product and the direction it is going, but this might be a little too ambitious. If PS Audio can do it better than GraceNote and AMG then I will be one happy customer of the PWT. I really hope all these features pan out because this device would be a step in the right direction for computer based audio & music transports. One other note, Paul McGowan has been very active with the PS Audio community of customers and potential customers by listening to their suggestions about the product. Very cool Paul.

Photos of the Perfect Wave Transport from CES start here.

PS Audio Digital Link III News

An issue with PS Audio's DLIII DAC has surface. Fortunately it shouldn't effect too many people and can be remedied fairly easily. Some DLIII users have notices static electricity zaps kicking the processor in the DLIII off which then requries the device's power to be cycled. This only happens in very dry climates such as Colorado where PS Audio is based. Fortunately for DLIII owners they aren't trying to explain something that PS Audio can't reprodce. How frustrating would that be if every time you sent in your DLIII PS said they couldn't reproduce the problem. Anyway, since that isn't the case here PS Audio offers a free user installable upgrade board that solves the problem and doesn't negatively effect the sound.

For more information go to PS Audio's website.