Sunday, November 9, 2008

Build An Audiophile Music Server (CA01)

Music Server Model CA01

There are a few articles around this place that detail the different parts of music servers such as storage and software. Now, I'm going to put all of this together and start the "Build An Audiophile Music Server" series.

The Computer Audiophile readership ranges from absolute expert to absolute audiofool. It doesn't matter to me where you are on this continuum. I like when the experts answer questions and when the audiofools ask questions the experts have too much pride to ask. With such a wide range of readers, it is time to create the Computer Audiophile line of music servers. This will of course be a virtual line of music servers that will provide readers with options for building their own servers. Readers can print off the complete specs of each music server and bring it to their local retailer like a music server shopping list. Readers can also deviate however they want and order from the usual online suspects.

This series will provide a start for some and a complete solution for others.

Model CA01

The model CA01 music server is an extremely simple design that produces high quality sound and functionality. This system is as simple as it gets. If you are considering a music server I recommend this approach because of the relatively little investment and ease of operation. This is not a long term solution, but gets you started. There are potential pitfalls with this system. The most glaring pitfall is the lack of a backup solution for your music. On the other hand the most expensive piece of the system, the laptop, is the main component in all of my recommended music server configurations. Whether you go for this system or the highest quality, highest dollar system, a laptop can be used as the audiophile source for your music.