Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mordaunt Short Genie Home Theater Set


Mordaunt Short Genie, 5.1 Satellite Speaker System running at 100watt each comes together with a 10" active subwoofer that give you enough punch you need for a standard living room or even a room if combined with the correct av receiver.

From the look of the center speaker, it looks like the creature from E.T. It looks small from


the picture. Once you grab hold of the satellite, you will understand this is not child's play. It's one of the heaviest satellite speakers that I've grabbed hold of before. Compared to JBL or Harman/Kardon or even the Infinity satellite that I have in my shop, Genie is the heaviest among them all.

Each satellite comes with its own stand which can be wall mounted. Meaning no need to spend a single penny more for optional stands when you need to wall mount them. Optional floor stands are priced at msrp RM499. Each piece of stand weighs roughly 6 kgs with solid metal based. Speaker cable can be easily run thruogh the hollow pipe. The stands come with screw on spikes too.

As for performance, Genie definately out-performed most of the satellite I've seen.. For the price tag of msrp 3999, you will definately have hard time finding an up to par system as compared to Genie. Throw a Marantz SR6003 to match Genie, you will probably not be able to tell that those "sounds" are coming from these E.T. look speakers. With the quality built on these babies, you can be assured that it will last you for years to come. Why get those plastic satellite systems from consumer brand? Get your Genie now!!