Sunday, November 9, 2008

Marantz CD 6002 Review

Over the years, Marantz have consistently churned out fantastic high fidelity audio equipments such as the CD 5001 and it's successor CD 5003 which was well received. Collecting a Star award from WhatHifi is only a testament to the sort of quality, Marantz CD 6002 have to offer for you, music lovers.

CD6002 CD player is the latest new CD player from the Marantz audio product development department. With technologies derived from the highly acclaimed OSE CD player Special series. Sound quality has dramatically improved after a critically look at the circuit concept and to all components, after which it is possible to determine where customization is needed. At the end of this detailed process the power supply lines are enforced and the audio circuitry is tremendously tweaked up. Every change will be proved by a listening session. This custom treatment gives a much more consistent response in entire frequency range. Musical reproduction is characterized by improved transparency and image, as well as tonal accuracy.

Pair it together with the Marantz PM6002 and Mordaunt Short Avant 902i, we have a winning Hi-Fi System.

• Compatible with CD DA and CR-R/CD-RW discs
• Playback of mp3 and WMA files
• CD-Text on front display
• High quality DA conversion with CS4398
• Audio circuitry with Marantz HDAMs
• Customized audio components for best balanced audio
• Oversized transformer for stable power supply
• Display off function to minimize high frequency noise interference
• Gold plated stereo audio out
• Coaxial digital and Optical digital out
• Dedicated remote and Marantz D-bus
• Solid metal front and rigid chassis construction

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