Sunday, November 9, 2008

Luxman High-end Pre-Amplifier C-800f

Luxman High-end Pre-Amplifier C-800f

Luxman recently unveiled their latest C-800f Pre-amplifier unit featuring an high quality chassis structure.

The C-800f gets the complete noise-free volume and balance transmission circuit from its brother C-1000f with the LECUA (Luxman Electric Controlled Ultimate Attenuator) system and all channels use independent parallel circuits.

This pre-amp is better suited with the M-800A pure class-A power amplifier with its 6,600μF capacitor for preparing the powerful power source environment of the amplifier. The C-800f offers 3x Imbalanced inputs and 3x Balanced inputs with a THD of respectively 0.009% and 0.005%. A Remote control and a VFD display are also include.

The Luxman C-800f will be available on October, and the price has been set at approximately $9,000 USD for this masterpiece.