Sunday, November 9, 2008

LTB Q-Home-FX 5.1 Dolby Wireless Headphones

LTB Q-Home-FX 5.1 Dolby Wireless HeadphonesLTB Audio systems, Inc. is about to begin shipping next month, their Q-Home-FX latest 5.1ch Surround Sound wireless headphones.

The LTB Q-Home-FX headphones make use of 6 patented speaker chambers for directional audio effects from whatever audio source it is patched into. The 2.4Ghz digital radio transmission of these headphones is designed to provide a good radio frequency connection while avoiding interfering with other wireless signals around the home. The headphones can be used from a distance of 30 meters from the transmitter.

It can accept audio input from digital as well as stereo sources via the coaxial, optical or 2 channel stereo input for DVD, Game system, HDTV, TV and so on.

Also the Q-Home-FX features a Dolby Digital and a Dolby Pro Logic decoder, a built in Dynamic Microphone with Xbox option cable and rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries.