Sunday, November 9, 2008

Loud means Good??

It is funny we always hear people who bought consumer brands sound system for a price ranging from RM699 to RM 5,000 showing off on how loud their system can achieve. They have no clue on what sound system or music system means to them. If they want LOUD loudspeakers, why don't just get those Big Black Box Speakers from P.R.C. that cost them RM199 a pair and blast the ear drums out of their neighbours.

Then comes another set of tiny speakers system that cost you over RM3500 a set that simply asking buyer to pay for their high priced advertisement fee. How can such a small speaker do anything good other than producing high frequency sound? Sorry no mid tone or low bass. All high out with only a subwoofer to conpensate for the mid and low. Why would somebody spends their money in this?

Behind the beautiful black finish with a touch of modern look lies compressed or recycle wood and plastic. They may look big and solid but it is light and hollow. When you send one to the service center, you usually get the same answer "I'm sorry but the main circuit board needs replacement" which usually cost you 60% of the new product. And most of all, they will charge you RM80 to RM120 regardless if you are going to repair it or not. Ouch !!

So, think twice before you consider buying these consumer brands simply because they are "cheap"? or "CHEAP"??