Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leema Acoustics Xero latest Mini-Monitor Louspeaker

Leema Acoustics Xero latest Mini-Monitor Louspeaker

The latest Leema Acoustics mini-monitor called Xero is a development of the Xen with the home user in mind. At £1,000 these loudspeakers are essentially a downsized Xen with a simpler construction.

The Xen used a hybrid steel and wood cabinet with metal front baffle, whereas the Xero employs a more conventional wooden cabinet slightly smaller at 220x140x206mm and lighter at 10kg. The Xeros run a single bass port rear-mounted instead of two on the Xen and just above it this is a block of bi-wireable binding posts with gold plated links.

Theses speakers feature a 1-inch Vifa Tymphany fabric dome tweeter that uses high-flux neodymium magnets and ferro-fluid damping, plus a new bespoke 100mm magnetically screened mid-bass driver. The crossover uses hand-wound air-cored inductors associated with high quality capacitors.

As for other specifications, the Xero has a 6Ω impedance, a sensitivity of 85.5dB/W/m, a frequency response of 55Hz-30kHz and a 200W power handling. Also the wood veneer is available in a choice of Cherry, Birds Eye Maple, Ebony or Black Ash.