Sunday, November 9, 2008

Klipsch Expands Palladium Speaker Series with Six Models

Klipsch Expands Palladium Speaker Series with Six Models
P-17B bookshelf and P-38F floorstanding speakers

With the introduction of the P-39F floorstanding speaker last year, Klipsch established new standards for audio excellence and visual impact. Now, the company is bringing the same design principles and style to six other Palladium Series speakers: the P-38F and P-37F floorstanders, P-17B bookshelf speaker, P-27C center channel, P-27S surround and P-312W subwoofer.

The P-38F and P-37F floorstanding speakers feature the flagship P-39F’s technology and design in slightly smaller, but equally stunning, packages. The Palladium P-17B and P-27C speakers feature 3-way design, while the floorstanding models offer 3.5-way performance. Also, all models, except the P-312W subwoofer, load 7-inch woofers (8-inch for the P-38) and the famous Tractrix horn-loaded midrange and supertweeter from the P-39. The subwoofer features three 12-inch woofers and a built-in amplifier.

The entire Klipsch Palladium Series is expected to be available worldwide for purchase in June.