Sunday, November 9, 2008

Interconnect and Speaker Cables

Ever wonder why you always get the FREE composite (yellow rca cable) cable from DVD or TV manufacturer rather than good quality cable or interconnect cable? The reason is a good quality cable can cost more than your RM200 - 300 DVD Player.


I always get the same question from most customers... Does the cable really make a big difference? I will always respond with the same answer... " If you have a Ferrari, and I ask you to drive in Kuching, will you be able to fully test out the performance?". Of course NOT because there's a bottle neck in our road. Same as for audio/video cable. The bottle neck in the cable restrict the passing through of audio/video signal due to foreign particles in the copper or silver.

It is simply that video signal will not be able to run through a poorly constructed FOC video or audio cables that you get in the box of dvd or TV. With good quality and branded speaker cables and interconnect cables, you can rest assure that 100% of the audio or video signal from your "source" will never be lost.


When I talk about buying cable, I use the word "INVEST" ..meaning to invest in good cable. Good cable is 99.999% oxygen free, you get 99.99% pure copper or pure silver which will last you for years to come. Unlike cheap cable that has a mix of other metal from somewhere else. After several months or even weeks of usage, your sound or video signal gets degraded and you are wondering why your Full HD LCD or Plasma is not getting the best performance from bluray dvd.


Prices of cables usually goes up rather than drop because of the price in the copper and silver. There are so many types and brands of cables, original branded and clone branded. So be aware of what and where you are buying your products. Come to the right place to get your audio video cables. Don't think if you are buying the cable from the supermarket or even xxxx center, you are getting quality cables. I've seen xxxx center selling nice looking cables that are china unbranded stuff. Why pay for that kind of price when you can get branded stuff from QED and Van Del Hul.

There are many types of cable and interconnects such as RCA, S-video, Component, HDMI 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.3a, optical, etc. I will probably need to explain all of them in my next article. So stay tuned .....