Sunday, November 9, 2008

Build An Audiophile Music Server (CA02)

Music Server Model CA02

The "Build An Audiophile Music Server" series continues with some improvements to the Model CA01. Model CA02 is still a very basic music server, but addresses the major backup pitfall of the CA01 and improves the sound with an upgraded USB DAC. The CA02 is also a solution that seeks to serve music without a steep learning curve to operate it. In the previous article I said the CA01 was not a long term solution. Fortunately the CA02 is fully capable of being your long term music server solution. Don't get me wrong, long term certainly does not have anything to do with quality of sound and features. If you are happy with this system, I suggest keeping it until you're unhappy or when you're looking for a jump to the next level. If it sounds good to you, then it's good. With the CA02 your music will be backed up without any user intervention and allow you to sit back and listen without worry.

Model CA01

I trust that readers have already read the CA01 article, so I won't recreate the wheel with every tiny detail. I will reiterate that simplicity and high quality sound are the goals of this system. Some nice features are absent here because they increase the price and complexity from a little to stratospheric. Trust me Computer Audiophile will layout systems for every level of functionality and price, from simple to "Holy S#&T."