Sunday, November 9, 2008

Audiophile iTunes Settings

This may seem obvious to some learned audiophiles, but there are many people searching for the optimal iTunes settings. Many are "newbies" who don't feel like posting such an elementary question. Here are two important settings I highly recommend, and one bonus setting to make life easier. It seems way too easy, but you don't have to adjust much within iTunes to ensure Audiophile quality. Please post your recommended audiophile iTunes settings in Computer Audiophile member "L.C.'s" forum topic.


Make sure that Sound Enhancer and Sound Check are not enabled.

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I select AIFF as my preferred format. More importantly make sure to enable error correction on this screen!!

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This is my bonus setting that I recommend everyone enable. Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized is great and those not using it are creating work for themselves.

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Here is the link to "L.C.'s" forum topic.


note: I left a little plug in the screenshots for my favorite radio show.


p.s. for those reading all the way to the bottom of this post here is a heads-up. make sure to return to computer audiophile this friday (02/08/2008) for something special and free.