Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tube Amp With USB DAC

Tube Amp With USB DAC
 Tube Amp With USB DAC
 Tube Amp With USB DAC
 Tube Amp With USB DAC
 Tube Amp With USB DAC
 Tube Amp With USB DAC
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Computer Audiophile member "SGB" sent me this one. A tube amp with USB DAC! This would make a very cool office / desktop system. The price is very good as well, $790! Read more for details.

From Gini Systems

Audio Space mini Galaxy I

Industry's First & Only tube amp with USB port and D/A!

. World's smallest full function integrated tube amp
. World's first PC/laptop ready tube integrated amp
. Class AB Push-Pull design
. Separate power supply
. Headphone jack
. Point-to-point wiring
. Adjustable negative feedback
. EL84 output tubes

The mini Galaxy I is the latest mini integrated amp from Audio Space that once again leads the pack in mini tube systems in the industry. This little beauty packs more in one tiny package than imaginable but never lose a beat in sound quality from the original mini system. The workmanship and aesthetic are topnotch as always.

The mini Galaxy puts out 12 watts (rms) per channel and can be used as a headphone amp. It has two groups of RCA input for CD and AUX and comes with a separate power supply which ensures smooth and detailed amplification with minimal cross interference. The new onboard USB port along with the built-in digital-to-analog converter, the first in the industry, provides the flexibility of using a PC or laptop computer as source. The mini Galaxy I optionally comes with a matching pair of speakers. The "mini is small but has it all" mantra lives on!

I haven't heard this unit so I can't comment on the sound, but for the price it wouldn't hurt too bad to try one out.

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