Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dynaudio MC 15

Dynaudio MC 15 Dynaudio MC 15 HI-FI, Sterio, Home Theater, Audiophile, Amplifier, Speaker

At the 2007 CES Dynaudio debuted the MC 15 multimedia speakers. These speakers appear to put other desktop systems to shame. I would really like to hear these connected to a laptop with an external DAC. Based on the quality of other Dynaudio products these should be on the top of every audiophile's holiday gift list.

The MC 15 is $1299 per pair and the matching multimedia subwoofer, the Dynaudio Sub 250 MC is $1000.

UPDATE The Absolute Sound January 2008 issue will feature an equipment report on these speakers.

MC 15 Sub 250MC

More info available at Dynaudio

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